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A ‘Mecca for flight training in the Mid-South’

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 8:00 am


The Shelbyville Municipal Airport held a ribbon cutting for a second flight training program now available for future pilots.

Hawkins Flight Academy, founded by Mike Harris and Matt Wilkins, has made the Shelbyville Airport its home.

Wilkins said during Friday’s event–which featured fly-ins to the Nearest Green Distillery, live music and food—that the Hawkins group looked at a number of airports in the Nashville area but the Shelbyville one “felt like home.”

According to Airport Director Paul Perry, seven other training programs use the airport, while Hawkins and the Tennessee Flight Academy are based there. Perry said the Shelbyville Airport is ideal to use because of the size and the availability of a federal instrument.

The Hawkins group specializes in a “new approach,” teaching and flying “light sport aircraft,” including an Evektor and RV-12iS.

With Middle Tennessee State University’s move to the Shelbyville Airport and Motlow Community College’s local aviation simulation lab, Wilkins said Shelbyville and the surrounding area are set to become the “Meccas for flight training in the Mid-South.”