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Bedford County Fairest of the Fair Contestants 2024

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:46 pm

Chasae O’Donnal Lemacks, Shelbyville.  19-year-old daughter of Marc and Danielle Lemacks.


Alexis Fulton, Shelbyville. 18-year-old daughter of Nicki Fulton.


Zoey Dixon, Unionville.  19-year-old daughter of Jim and Amy Beth White and Tim Dixon.


Savannah Butler, Shelbyville.  19-year-old daughter of Rodney and Mary Ellen Butler.


Shayla Anderson, Shelbyville.  17-year-old daughter of Niki Anderson and Jason Mangrum.


Allie Byrom, Lynchburg.  18-year-old daughter of Jenifer and Allen Byrom.


Hannah Cripps, Bedford County.  18-year-old daughter of Anita and Jesse Cripps.


Isabella Rhodes, Shelbyville.  17-year-old daughter of Brittany and Brent Patterson.


Alexia Caruthers, Shelbyville.  18-year-old daughter of Adam and Jillian Caruthers.