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Building collapses on Shelbyville Square

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2024 at 7:55 am

Photo by Zoe Watkins


Many were surprised by the seemingly sudden collapse of the back of a building on the Shelbyville Square around noon on Friday.

Efforts by local emergency personnel immediately went underway to mitigate any further dangers, according to Fire Chief Matt Doak.

“We’re trying to negate the danger right now by turning everything off and shutting the roads down,” he told The Post Friday.

The dangers included the building’s collapse and eventual falling into the streets. Crews completely tore down the building beginning Friday evening.

The building is listed on the state’s property viewer as belonging to Glass Hollow Properties. Chavigny Beasley, who co-owns Glass Hollow, was on site with emergency personnel Friday. It was reported the building had been inspected. According to the Tennessee’s Comptroller Office, the building was built in 1910.

East Depot Street at South Brittian Street, near Templeton Insurance Company and Bocelli’s, was closed to motorists and pedestrians until further notice.