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Eaglettes, Eagles dominant in wins over Franklin Co.

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 3:42 pm

Post Photo by Chris Siers Ryan Samons serves up a shot during doubles action. She, along with doubles partner Caitlyn Burdick, took the 8-2 doubles victory on Tuesday afternoon.

SHELBYVILLE — It was a solid afternoon on the court at H.V. Griffin Park as both Shelbyville Central tennis teams took care of business against Franklin County.
The Eaglettes took a clean, 7-0 sweep against the Rebelettes, while the Eagles claimed a dominant, 6-1 win over the Rebs.
For the Eaglettes, everything fell Shelbyville Central’s way.
No. 1 Caitlyn Burdick dominated Zoe Nice for an 8-1 singles win, while No. 2 Addie Berry, No. 4 Sophie Ray and No. 5 Ryan Samons all claimed 8-2 wins over their respective singles opponents.
Alyssa Fanning had the toughest singles match of the afternoon, having to grind out an 8-5 win in the No. 3 slot over Amelia Maran.
It was more of the same in doubles as well, with Burdick and Samons taking a No. 1 8-2 win for the Eaglettes, while Berry and Fanning claimed an 8-1 win in the No. 2 spot.
For the Eagles, it was a similar script, although the Eagles had a fight in several of the individual matches.
No. 1 Henry Stone dominated Avi Patel for the 8-2 win, while No. 2 Justin Spence outlasted Krish Patel in a 9-7 marathon.
Jackson Benson also had a tough fight on his hands, beating Rafa Silva 8-5 in the No. 3 singles match, while Tucker Johnson edged out an 8-4 win against Pratham Patel in the No. 5 match.
Will Ovi landed the Rebels their only win in the No. 4 singles match, beating Hoyt Wessner, 8-1.
In doubles, Stone and Spence fought their way to an 8-5 win, while Benson and Johnson cruised to an 8-3 win in the No. 2 slot.
Shelbyville is on the road Wednesday at Lincoln County before closing out the week’s slate at Moore County on Thursday.

SCHS 7, Franklin Co. 0
1. Caitlyn Burdick (S) def. Zoe Nice (FC), 8-1.
2. Addie Berry (S) def. Camryn Ragland (FC), 8-2.
3. Alyssa Fanning (S) def. Amelia Maran, (FC), 8-5.
4. Sophie Ray (S) def. Jesse Burns (FC), 8-2.
5. Ryan Samons (S) def. Leanna Hobbs (FC), 8-2.
1. Burdick/Samons (S) def. Nice/Ragland (FC), 8-2.
2. Berry/Fanning (S) def. Burris/Hobbs (FC), 8-1.

SCHS 6, Franklin Co. 1
1. Henry Stone (S) def. Avi Patel (FC), 8-2.
2. Justin Spence (S) def. Krish Patel (FC), 9-7.
3. Jackson Benson (S) def. Rafa Silva (FC), 8-5.
4. Will Ovi (FC) def. Hoyt Wessner (S), 8-1.
5. Tucker Johnson (S) def. Pratham Patel (FC), 8-4.
1. Stone/Spence (S) def. A. Patel/Silva (FC), 8-5.
2. Benson/Johnson (S) def. P. Patel/K. Patel, (FC), 8-3.