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Library hosts Local Black Artists exhibit

Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 8:00 am


In honor of Black History Month the Gilliland Historical Research Center, Inc., is presenting an exhibit at the Shelbyville-Bedford County Library entitled “Local Black Artists of Bedford County”.

The display features artists working in a variety of mediums.

Those featured in the display are:

*Maurice Dandy with examples of his “steel art” including “Farmer Changing the Tire of a Tractor and “The Steel Hand”.

*Jerry Greer, a talented and self-taught wood carver with a variety of “Smoking Pipe Portraits”.  His pipes portray Greer’s “expressive inspiration and characteristics of people of color”.

*Calvin King, whose woodworking scriptures “are created from recyclable materials in his backyard studio”. His woodworking “began at an early age, and he uses the time spent creating for peace and reflection”. His works feature homes and other structures.

*Morgan Gross, a self-taught “Wood Folk Artist” who produces “figurative images that reflect his past”. In his workshop and home studios “he uses cut wood to carve, create and paint the intricate details in inspiring and beautiful folk art work”.

*Terrell Johnson, described as “a visionary artist who designs and customizes products”. On display is a pair of military boots with logos of the Tennessee Titans and the State of Tennessee. His paintings are also on display including a mixed media mural of Shelbyville also created by Vince Mosley and Rae Borchardt. His murals can be seen at several Middle Tennessee Domino’s restaurants. His use of color harmonies has been described as “remarkable”.

*The late Vannoy “Wireman” Streeter, known for his wire sculptures of Tennessee Walking Horses and Model T automobiles. Also featured is a sculpture called “Banjo Man” which is featured on the cover page for “Tennessee Folk Music Recordings” and “Skating Girl’.

Some of the items displayed were provided by Thomas Johnson.