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LifeSource Christian Family Solutions officially opens

Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 5:00 pm

1. Many of those who led the support of LifeSource Christian Family Solutions from the beginning posed after the ribbon-cutting. In the front are, from left, board president Hershel Thrasher, State Representative Pat Marsh, State Senator Shane Reeves, board vice-president and financial counselor Brian Huggins, LPC-MHSP Executive Director Laura Huggins, Shelbyville-Bedford County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Yolanda Flick and Karen Thrasher. Photo by Mark McGee


Improved mental health means an improved quality of life.

That is the goal of LifeSource Christian Family Solutions which officially opened with a ribbon cutting Oct.10 which was also World Mental Health Day.

There is a shortage of mental health counselors, especially in Bedford County. Members of the LifeSource Board of Directors want to close the gap with the new facility located at 310 Colloredo Boulevard, Building B.

Joining the crowd for the ceremony were State Representative Pat Marsh and State Senator Shane Reeves.

Brian Huggins, financial counselor and vice-chair of the board, and Hershel Thrasher, president addressed the large group in attendance.

The core principles of LifeSource are helping to provide “a quality of life that promotes health, happiness and spiritual growth.”

Huggins pointed out two-out-of-five adults report symptoms of anxiety and depression with minority groups and rural communities disproportionately underserved. He added that in Tennessee there are 590 patients for every mental health provider. More than one-third of Americans, including Bedford County, live in an area underserved by a mental health professional.

They both shared the goal of the facility to “provide the highest quality mental health services while reflecting Christ’s compassion and love for our neighbors, regardless of one’s financial status.

In working with clients they want to:

*Empower, educate and support individuals, couples and families in need.

*Maintain a safe and nurturing environment for those who are hurting

*Offer families healthy alternatives to generational dysfunction

*Partner with other community resources and embrace a “wholistic” approach

*Continually assess the mental health needs of the community and develop solutions to meet those needs

Some of the programs LifeSource plans to offer are:

*Individual counseling for adults, teens and children (5-plus) Years

*Couples counseling

*Family counseling

*Spiritual counseling

*Group counseling

*Educational seminars

*Community incident debriefing

*Supervised visitation

*Parenting classes

*Mediation services

In addition to Thrasher and Huggins the other members of the board and staff were Jan Lamb, secretary; Lance Bennett, treasurer and pastoral counselor; Laura Tucker-Huggins, LPCFD-MHSP Executive Director; Dr. Howard Rupard, consultant; Keenan Pasztor, counselor and Mari Kay Faulk, practice manager.

Thrasher reminded everyone LifeSource is a 501-C (3), a not-for-profit corporation and that donations are encouraged.

He added that LifeSource wants to unlock hope for those in need locally by providing the highest quality  of mental health services while reflecting Christ’s compassion and love” by being accessible to all who need help”.