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LifeSource Family Solutions offer mental health resources

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 3:45 pm


The state of mental health overall is declining and finding solutions can be difficult. In Bedford County resources for information and treatment are limited.

LifeSource Family Solutions, “a Christ-focused and Biblically based agent of change” will soon open in Bedford County. The mssion is to offer quality mental health and community support services to “provide hope and healing through the implementation of counseling and support services regardless of one’s ability to pay for those services.

“We believe that every family, one way or another. Is touched by experiencing the negative consequences of mental health challenges,” said Brian Huggins, vice president of the Life-
Source Family Solutions Board of Directors. “Our goal is to provide quality counseling services to overcome those challenges.”

The idea for a local resource was presented to Laura and Brian Higgins by Misty Bennett, school guidance counselor at Cascade Middle School, and the wife of Lance Bennett, the minister at the Fairlane Church of Christ. Late last year she attended a presentation about “The Village”, a project of the Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee, with a primary focus on mental health.

“She told us we needed something like that here,” board member Laura Huggins said.

“She said people are hurting and they need our help. “I’m a little ashamed to say that I immediately dismissed her. I was a little resistant.

“After several weeks of sleepless nights, I began to really contemplate the enormity of the need in our community. The Lord kept working on my heart.”

The members of the “life group” the Huggins attend at Fairlane Church of Christ began praying for them and for the project in January. In April they had their 501c(3) rating as a nonprofit and a board was in place.

In addition to Brian as vice president Hershel Thrasher serves as president, Jan Lamb is the secretary, Lance Bennett is the treasurer and Laura is on the board as executive director of the

“The Village offers several things, but the only thing I felt like I could do to start out was family counseling,” Laura said. “We will add programs if as needed to fill the gaps in the community. As far as I am concerned, the sky’s the limit.”

The goals for Life- Source Family Solutions are:

*To provide the highest quality of mental health services while reflecting Christ’s compassion and love for our neighbors, regardless of one’s financial status

*To empower, educate and support individuals, couples, and families in need.

*To maintain a safe and nurturing environment for those who are hurting.

*To offer families healthy alternatives to generational dysfunction.

* To partner with other community resources and embrace a wholistic approach.

*To continually assess the mental health needs of our community and develop solutions to meet those needs.

“There have been countless ways in which the churches and community members have worked together to bring this project to life,” Laura said. “This is a multidenominational effort. Prayers and support are coming from many in the county.”

The center plans to start serving clients on October 4. The center is located a 310 Colloredo Blvd. | Building B. The phone number is 615- 203-0006. The website is LifeSourcesSolutions. net.

State Senator Shane Reeves and State Representative Pat Marsh have provided strong support for the center.

“Brian and I funding the upfront capital with the help of Dr. Howard Rupard who is donating the use of the building,” Laura said. “We are looking for community donations and grant opportunities. We are a grassroots effort.”