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Seattle coffee in Bedford County

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 8:00 am

Co-owners Jayc Estes and Kristal Anderson


Rolling Buzz Coffee is a fresh take on the American staple: coffee.

You may have seen it “buzzing” around the Bedford County community lately; it’s a traveling coffee trailer that was started last October by owners Kristal Anderson and Jayc Estes. Recently, they’ve provided both classic and fun coffee drinks at local school and community events.

And like most fast and fresh coffee shops, the story of Rolling Buzz starts 2,450 miles away in Seattle, Washington.

“We had been talking about going to Tennessee and how coffee is not as big. In Seattle, it’s everywhere,” said Estes. “We had talked about opening a shop before we even had houses here.”

Both Anderson and Estes were both born and raised just outside of Seattle and grew up on Starbucks, which originated in Seattle. Anderson even served as a barista at one for several years.

But when Seattle became too crowded and—and quite frankly–crime-ridden, Anderson and Estes made a dream to move south and to bring fresh coffee to Tennessee’s rural areas.

“It’s a lot safer down here and less expensive,” said Anderson.

So about two years ago, the former co-workers, who were working at a healthcare place in Seattle, made the move to Shelbyville. They do miss the mountains of Washington but both Anderson and Estes say the move has been perfect for their business as well as their families.

“Shelbyville is kind of the way I was raised before everything grew. So I like that small town feel,” said Estes.

Finding an already complete trailer, the idea took off.

“For the most part, it’s been relatively easy,” said Anderson. “In California, Washington, it’s really hard to get business permits. It was extremely easy to get taken care of here.

“And they’re very supportive of small businesses.”

In fact, Tennessee set new records for business formation and renewals in the first quarter of 2023, according to the official Secretary of State website. Some 21,500 new entities were filed, while 199,300 firms renewed their active status. Those in the state department credit Tennessee’s fiscal management, skilled workforce commitment, and lack of income tax as the reasons for the growth.

“The growth we’ve had for December alone was phenomenal,” said Anderson.

You could say they offer west coast coffee right at your doorstep.

“I’m fully trained on how to do coffee,” said Anderson. “One thing that’s special that we’ve tried to bring in from the west coast is the spritzers.” Spritzers are energy drinks that can carbonated, or not, and often sweetened with sugar or juices.

“Bringing that in has been really cool. A lot of places offer RedBull but not Rockstar and such,” said Anderson.

But their personal favorite is the “Bee Keeper,” which is chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel coffee.

For regular coffee drinkers, they also have drip coffee sourced from a roaster in Murfreesboro. They hope to even offer beans from roasters in Seattle.

The name, too, captures the essence of who they are. Estes credits the idea to her husband. “It’s mobile so it rolls around. And then we were like, coffee buzz, and the Rolling Buzz just came out,” said Estes.

Rolling Buzz coffee offers fresh coffee by traveling throughout the county to events.

Though the trailer is “confined,” Anderson and Estes said they work well together.

Both also work full-time jobs: Anderson is medical assistant at a local pediatrics facility while Estes works in the front office of Shelbyville Central High.

“I like that when we’re there, it’s our time. We’re both moms, wives, we have full time jobs,” said Estes.

“It’s building a stronger friendship, too,” said Anderson.

Even though they hope to go fulltime in the coffee business within the year, they are currently only open on the weekends. You can find the Rolling Buzz Trailer parked at K. Ellen Boutique, 716 N. Main St., in addition to community events. Check out their Facebook page at Rolling Buzz Coffee for updates on their location.

They offer 10% off for veterans and active duty as well as free drinks for on-duty first responder.

If you would like them to come to one of your events, email them at