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Shelbyville tennis takes 2 from Stewarts Creek

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024 at 10:02 pm

SHELBVYILLE — Shelbyville Central took a pair of wins on the court on Monday against Stewarts Creek.
While it went down as two wins for Shelbyville, the way the two wins came about couldn’t have been any different from one another.
The Eaglettes dominated Stewarts Creek for a 7-0 win, while the Eagles had to grind out a 4-3 win over the Red Hawks.
In singles for the Eaglettes, Caitlyn Burdick, Alyssa Fanning and Sophie Ray each claimed 8-1 wins, while Ryan Samons took an 8-2 win in the No. 5 singles match.
No. 2 Addie Berry claimed an 8-0 shutout over Macey Horks.
In doubles, Burdick and Samons edged out an 8-6 win, while Berry and Fanning cruised to an 8-1 win.
For the Eagles, virtually every match was an all-out battle.
No. 2 singles seed Justin Spence took an 8-4 win over Jonah Arrington, while Hoyt Wessner edged out an 8-6 win.
Tucker Johnson out-dueled Caleb Oakley for a 7-5 win.
In doubles, it was Jackson Benson and Johnson who claimed an 8-3 victory.

SCHS 7, Stewarts Creek 0
1. Caitlyn Burdick (S) def. Lois Minea (SC), 8-1.
2. Addie Berry (S) def. Macey Yorks (SC), 8-0.
3. Alyssa Fanning (S) def. Emily Ellis (SC), 8-1.
4. Sophie Ray (S) def. Abigail Sowards (SC), 8-1.
5. Ryan Samons (S) def. Kelsie Cagle (SC), 8-2.

1. Burdick/Samons (S) def. Minea/Yorks (SC), 8-6.
2. Berry/Fanning (S) def. Ellis/Soward (SC), 8-1.

SCHS 4, Stewarts Creek 3
1. Jackson Druen (SC) def. Henry Stone (S), 9-7.
2. Justin Spence (S) def. Jonah Arrington (SC), 8-4.
3. CJ Walter (SC) def. Jackson Benson (S), 8-5.
4. Hoyt Wessner (S) def. Jonah Stacy (SC), 8-6.
5. Tucker Johnson (S), def. Caleb Oakley (SC), 7-5.
1. Jackson/Jonah (SC) def. Stone/Spence (S), 8-3.
2. Benson/Johnson (S) def. Walter/ Stacy (SC), 8-3.